Virtual Tour of Jagati Nature Care, Guwahati

Jagati Nature Care Guwahati

As you walk through the gates of Jagati Nature Care in Zoo Road,  Guwahati, you find yourself in a relaxing and comforting environment. An environment where everything is designed to engage your 5 senses and give them the time and space to heal. As you walk into the reception area, you smell natural fragrances and hear calming music gently guiding you through the corridors where the massage and therapy rooms are.

Depending on the kind of therapy prescribed to you, you will be taken to the therapy/massage rooms where you can unwind and heal. And if you wish to be a regular visitor at Jagati Nature Care, we suggest you enroll at yoga class. We boast of a massive yoga studio sitting on the third floor of the centre. There are several batches and you can come anytime and practice yoga with the community to improve or preserve your health.

The VIP Room at Jagati Nature Care caters to special and luxurious treatment for our clients. From massage therapies in luxury essential oils to steam baths and sauna, we have it all in this special space.