Mud Therapy

By Jagati Nature Care

Mud Therapy

Abdomen & Eye Pack

1. When applied to abdomen it relieves all forms of indigestion. It is effective in decreasing intestinal heat and stimulates peristalsis.
2. Application of the pack over the eyes is useful in cases of conjunctivitis, hemorrhages in the eyeball, itching, allergy, errors of refraction like short sight and long sight and especially useful in glaucoma where it helps to reduce eyeball tension.

20 Min 800/- Book Slot

Hot Sand Fomentation

Valukasweda or Balukasweta is a form of swedana which is included in the form of pindasweda (bolus fomentation ). In this procedure we use Heated sand mixed with equal proportion of Kosher salt tied in a bolus to provide heat to the pain afflicted joints or body parts, especially in diseases like Amavata (Rhematoid arthritis ) , Urustambha ( Stiffness of thighs & lower limbs), Medoroga ( diseases manifested due to disturbances in fat metabolism ).

10 Min 1250/- Book Slot

Hot Sand Bath

Do you love strange spa treatments?  Here’s a new one to try: a sand bath, also known as psammotherapy, or sand therapy. But, like so many spa treatments, sand baths are part of an ancient healing tradition that helps reduce pain.  Sand warms the body uniformly, helping relieve musculoskeletal and arthritic pain.  Like a sauna or steam room, the heat also causes you to sweat, detoxifying the body.

20 Min 2400/- Book Slot

Full Mud Bath

This helps to improve the skin condition by increasing the circulation and energizing the skin tissues.

45 Min 2200/- Book Slot

Mud Pit Bath

A mud bath is a bath of mud, commonly from areas where hot spring water can combine Eg. Volcanic ash.
* Mud bath detoxify and draw out impurities, soften skin improve circulation and ease aches and pains.
* Mud bath relieves stress, Joint pain Rheumatoid, Arthritis and certain skin condition like eczema and psoriasis.

10 Min 3200/- Book Slot

Face pack

This is helpful in improving the complexion of the skin and removing pimples and open skin pores which in turn facilitate elimination. This also is helpful in eliminating dark circles around the eyes. 

15 Min 1200/- Book Slot

Local Mud Bath

Local mud application is given on local areas where it,s required. The procedure is similar to that of the full body application where the fine mud is applied on the specific areas and left to dry got
45 min’s. It’s found to be very effective in skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis etc..

30 Min 750/- Book Slot

Multhani Mud Bath

Multani Clay is great for drawing dead cells and excess oils from the skin. It also stimulates circulation to the skin. It absorbs bacteria, toxins and reduces water loss. The skin is then rejuvenated and becomes smooth, soft and supple. 

30 Min 4800/- Book Slot

Multhani Turmeric Pack

Multhani enhances blood circulation which makes skin healthy and glowing. Applying multhani in combination with turmeric gives a very cool and relaxed feeling of great relief especially in hot climates along the great antiseptic effect of turmeric.

30 Min 2600/- Book Slot

MulthaniKesar Pack

Saffron is believed to be very beneficial for skin beauty.MultaniMitti and saffron face pack is something you are looking for your skin if you are facing skin problems like acne, pimples, and blemishes and want to heal scars and lighten up marks.

30 Min 3600/- Book Slot

MulthaniNeem Pack

Neem powder is great to cure skin infections and also acne/blemish scars.  Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are a boon for people with sensitive or oily, acne prone skin. Rose water will mask the smell of neem powder with its fragrance. Not only that, it will also soothe the skin and reduces redness.

30 Min 1700/- Book Slot

Multhani Special (Almond &Milk )

Multanimitti, when mixed with the goodness of almonds and milk, can make your skin smoother and softer. This could come as a blessing, especially for those who have dry skin that screams for moisture.

30 Min 2800/- Book Slot

Multhani Tomato

A paste of multanimitti, tomato juice, and sandalwood powder will help reduce the facial spotsand a dash of turmeric powder will provide the required glow.

30 Min 1200/- Book Slot

Multhani Honey

Mixing ofmultanimitti powder and honey along with little quantity of lemon juice, tomato juice, and a little milk gives a radiant skin and helps in removing the dark patches.

30 Min 1600/- Book Slot

Multhani Mint

Multhani mixed with equal quantity of mint along with little yoghurt gives a refreshing effect throughout the day and is very effective in dark patches and tiered skin.

30 Min 1200/- Book Slot

Multhani Sandalwood

A combination of Multani along with the sandalwood to form a face pack gives a toned skin. Pure form of sandalwood is used in a proportion of 2:1 along with multani gives you the tonic effect and helps to improve the fairness. It is very effective for the one who seeks pack for beauty purpose.

30 Min 2800/- Book Slot

Multhani Papaya

Using papaya pulp to make your skin glow and keep it healthy is an age-old practice. And utilizing it in a face pack along with multanimitti gives even better results.

30 Min 1200/- Book Slot

Multhani Carrot

Getting rid of pigmented and ugly skin has been made easier. Just use the carrot pulp-multanimitti pack and see for yourself. The goodness of carrots will help in reducing the pigments and olive oil will provide the much-desired moisture to your skin.

30 Min 1300/- Book Slot

Multhani Sun Tan Coconut Water

Tanning may be considered a fashion statement across the world, but it can be really painful sometimes. However, you can get rid of the tan with the combined powers of coconut water and multanimitti. Multanimitti and coconut are both known for their cooling nature. Hence, this pack removes tan and makes your skin radiant.

30 Min 1400/- Book Slot

Multhani Acne Lemon

The excessive oil secretion in your skin leads to uncontrolled progress of acne. You can bid farewell to acne by using this special multhani combination with lemon face pack.

30 Min 1200/- Book Slot

Jagati Signature Special Multhani Face Pack

A specially designed multhani face pack which is well known for its exfoliating property.The ingredient is gentle on your face, but, at the same time, efficiently removes dead cells from the top layers of your skin and unclogs the pores.

30 Min 4200/- Book Slot