Consultation by Doctor Bino

Dr. Bino Stuvert started his journey as a BNYS graduate when he completed his education from JSS college of naturopathy and yogic sciences, Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

His achievements started very early in his career as a medical officer at Shantivan Medical Center, where he developed the centre from a 20 bedded hospital to a 60 bedded hospital through his active involvement and his way of treating several paralysis patients by providing them efficiently planned treatment programs that bore tremendous results. Eventually making the centre well known for  paralysis treatment of elite standards.

Being a strong believer of healthy lifestyle, he always promotes it amongst his patients and encourages them to not only take nutritious diet with physical exercises, but also with a holistic approach, helps them to make it their lifestyle, ensuring a lifetime of wellness. He has treated many patients with profoundly effective results since he focuses directly on the root cause combining naturopathy with acupuncture and makes sure the ailments are cured once and for all.

In the later years he further did some ardent research work in paralysis and diabetes. He entered the field of teaching and shared his knowledge, giving lectures in subjects including modern medicine, human physiology, nutrition and dietetics. This period of five years served as a significant part of his career since it was an opportunity to expand, explore and broaden his horizons of wisdom furthermore.

Currently with 12 years of work experience, he is associated with Jagati Nature Care since the past few years. He’s now the backbone of our organization directing the centre and it’s functionality. He dreams and hopes to take naturopathy treatment methods to the next level and make health care facilities accessible to more and more people, hence yet again this is another beginning of one of his journeys of healing and spreading wellness.

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