What is called Balanced Diet?

Food is an essential part for the growth and development of our body. A diet is all that we consume in a day. To keep up the body fit and fiddle one need to have the balanced diet. A diet with adequate quantity of all the nutrients that we require for a healthy body is called a balanced diet. A food needs to have five required nutrients to become a balanced diet, the nutrients include:

  • Carbohydrates: Provides energy to the body and found in wheat, chapatti and bread.
  • Proteins: Helps in building muscles and to repair the wear and tear of the body parts.  This nutrient is found in sprouts, meat and eggs.
  • Fats: It fulfils some part of the requirement of energy for the body, and can be found in cheese, butter and ghee.
  • Vitamins: Necessary to improve the body resistance to disease and is found in fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Minerals: This nutrient is to provide the immunity to the body to fight against the diseases. Diseases Anaemia or goitre can be caused due to lack of minerals in the body.

All these nutrients are present in the food that we intake in our daily routine with water which helps to digest the food. Different amount of food have diverse proportions of nutrients preset in them, also the necessity of the amount of nutrients depends on the age, gender as well as health of the person.

Need of calories to maintain the body

A diet full of nutrition fulfils all the needs of the body to grow and to maintain.  Each body requirements of nutrients is different to stay active and healthy as well. A human body uses calories to get energy to perform daily activities like moving, breathing and all other specific functions of the body. For an individual the average amount of calories needed is about 2000 calories in a day to maintain the body functionality and to sustain the weight of the body. However, the daily calorie condition differs according to the age, sex and the amount of corporal exercise.

Usually men needs more calories as compared to women, and people who do physical exercise have to intake more calories that those who do not involve in any kind of physical work. Most of the daily calories come from: fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Few food items consists zero calories like cakes, soft drinks, ice creams, chips and other kind of junk food that should not be included in the balanced diet.

Significance to intake Balanced Diet

  • Balanced diet leads to healthy physical as well as mental health.
  • A nutritious diet boosts the capability to fight against the diseases.
  • On the whole strengthening of the body entirely depends upon the ingestion of balanced diet.

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