Treat Migraine through yoga & Naturopathy

Migraines is a highly debilitating neurological condition that causes severe headache followed by vomiting and nausea. The tearing pain is a result of blood vessel dilation within the head due to neuro-chemical changes in the body.

Unlike many medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma, this neurological disorder is not a random occurrence. Migraine has multiple trigger points that could act as plausible causes resulting in unstable internal balance. The multitude of triggers could range from mental stress, dietary changes, dehydration and even alteration of environment.

To put it in simpler terms, migraine is the result of our body reacting with the environment. With no known permanent cure, the best way to control this condition is through identifying the underlying triggers and adopting preventive measures.

Does Modern Medicine Help?

It’s a well known fact that mainstream medicine applies the use of prescription drugs for the treatment of migraine along with various other ailments.

Even though painkillers and anti-depressants provide immediate relief to the agonizing headache, they fail to target the physiological processes that underlie the roots of a migraine attack.

Along with that, these temporary medications comes with a myriad of side affects ranging from depression, hypertension, fatigue and insomnia.

So how exactly does one get rid of this recurring head-splitting pain? Is there any way out?

The Inherent Healing Power of Nature

A medication, in its truest essence, is identifying the root causes of an illness and adopting a blended treatment based on temporary relief with preventive measures rather than merely treating the symptoms in isolation.

Naturopathy and Yoga are both non-invasive methods of intervention mainly based on the ancient practice of applying simple laws of nature into healing one’s inner-self.

While naturopathy creates an ideal environment to facilitate the healing of the body by itself, Yoga is the science of right living which is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the emotional, physical, mental, psychic and spiritual.

While both these practices could help cure a multitude of ailments, resorting to the traditional ways of living by adapting natural therapies and yogic practices had so long been proven to reduce the recurring and pulsating pain due to migraine attacks, to a significant level.

With that said, here are few ways by which naturopathy and yoga could help prevent the severe headaches due to migraine attacks –

1. Treating Migraine Through Yoga

  • PADMASANA – Padmasana alleviates headache and relaxes the mind.
  • PASCHIMOTTANASANA – This yoga posture calms the amygdala nerves, thereby calming brain and relieving stress.
  • SHISUASANA – A very physically relaxing asana that calms down the upper nervous system and the halfside of the brain, the area where migraine attacks are prone to occur.
  • SETHUBANDASANAThe Sethubandhasana aka the bridge calms the amygdala and helps reduce your anxiety level.
  • HASHTAPADASANAThis posture invigorates the nervous system by boosting blood supply to the upper body, thereby reducing your stress levels and maintaining a relaxed state throughout the day.
  • BRAHMARI PRANAYAMAThis asana helps curing post-partum and menstrual migrane by releasing more serotonin.

2. Treating Migraine Through Naturopathy

As mentioned earlier, naturopathy deals with treating the root cause of the illness through a holistic living by laying more emphasis on regulating body-mind balance through simple yet highly effective natural practices.

Here are few such naturopathic methods to prevent the occurence of migraine attacks

  • ACUPUNCTUREAn ancient healing system developed over 1000s of years, based on the concept on channelized energy throughout the body. In many trials, acupuncture has been shown to benefit migraine patients by about 50%, which is higher compared to other effective treatments.
  • DIET AND FASTING THERAPYFasting is the single greatest natural healing therapy. It is nature’s ancient, Universal “remedy” for many ailments related to the nervous system. Migraine can easily be managed by effective lifestyle and dietary changes.
  • HYDROTHERAPYHydrotherapy is a system where water is used at different temperature and forms on the human body for treatment and cure of various illness related to mental health. Hydrotherapy is capable of healing most of the acute and chronic diseases through different modes of application of water like baths, douches, irrigations-enema, compresses, fomentations and packs.

These naturopathic treatment along with the yoga practices is known to bring a multitude of health benefits including lessening the impact of migraine attack and might eventually cure them permanently.

 From the physical body, yoga moves on to the mental and emotional levels. Many people suffer from migraine attacks as a result of the stresses and interactions of everyday living. Yoga and naturopathy cannot provide a cure for life but it does present a proven method for coping with it.

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