Hydrotherapy refers to the treatment of disorders using different forms of water. Hydrothermal therapy additionally uses the temperature effects of water, as in hot and cold baths, wraps, sauna, etc. Hydrotherapy therapy uses water in all its forms – solid, liquid, vapour, both internally as well as externally. Hydro therapy improves the blood circulation in the body by encouraging blood flow, improves digestion and reduces pain sensitivity. We have the following facilities under Hydrotherapy:

Sauna Bath: Jagati Nature Care has a two sweater sauna bath cabin and another three seater sauna bath cabin. The health benefits of sauna bath include detoxification, increase in metabolism and blood circulation, weight loss, pain reduction, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, and improved cardiovascular function. It also improves the immune function, sleep, relaxation and helps in overall stress management. Since a Sauna bath generates dry heat it’s very effective in treating all type of myalgic conditions.

Steam Bath: Jagati Nature Care also offers Steam Baths in the Steam Rooms. Steam Rooms are basically enclosed spaces that are heated with steam. Although the temperatures may vary, the Steam Rooms typically have the temperature of 110 F. Steam Baths are used to break up the congestion in sinuses and lungs, and are therefore useful in treating colds, unblocking sinuses and to aid breathing.

Circular Jet Bath: You can enjoy the health benefits of a Circular Jet Bath too at Jagati Nature Care. In a circular jet bath, multiple small powerful water jets from all directions are directed towards the patient to give an  instant cooling and refreshing effect. It starts off an intense circulatory reaction, which helps in stimulating the skin tissues. It relieves muscle tension and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Hip Bath: A sitz or hip bath can reduce inflammation, improve hygiene and promote blood flow to the anogenital area. Common benefits of the sitz bath include good prostate health by increasing the blood circulation to the perineum, reducing inflammation and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

Spinal Spray: This bath at Jagati Nature Care provides a soothing effect to the spinal column and thereby influences the central nervous system. Application of cold spinal spray on the body enhances the sympathetic activity and has a role in maintaining the cardiac tone and preventing various cardiovascular ailments. Whereas a neutral spinal spray enhances parasympathetic activity and can be applied effectively to treat stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Colon Hydrotherapy: Colon Irrigations work like an enema. While you lie on a table, a low pressure pump or gravity-based reservoir flushes several gallons of water through a small tube inserted into your rectum. Colonics have a relieving effect; there may be a feeling of lightness and internal cleanliness. Once the cologne is thoroughly cleansed, diet, exercise and other health programmes will be monitored and advised by our health professionals.

Jacuzzi : Indeed a flag bearer of luxury and wellness, you will find a jacuzzi at Jagati Nature Care for you to unwind and enjoy. But the jacuzzi is also essentially a new innovation in the world of hydrotherapy where the tub is equipped with a powerful water pump, which produces a strong jet stream of water within the bathtub. Coupled with light massage, the powerful jet causes friction and helps the body muscles relax and relieves tension. It also increases blood circulation in the skin.

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