Pregnancy Care and the Importance of Normal Delivery

How to take care of yourself during pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings a boost in your self care requirement because a new life merges with your ‘SELFHOOD’.

Among the many types of prenatal care we have brought few most prominent Pregnancy Care tips

  • Regular Exercise and Yoga : Light exercises to keep your body in a healthy state is needed. Regular Yoga and a morning or evening walk for half an hour a day can improve the metabolism in your body.
  • Healthy diet : it’s necessary that you follow a prescribed diet chart. Fresh green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits enriches your body fluids and enhances your and the baby’s immune system . Stay away from unhealthy edibles like those with excessive oils, sugar or salt. Hazardous habits of smoking, tobacco intake or alcoholism is a strict ‘NO’.
  • Stay hydrated : Drinking lots of water is extremely important. Water in the body helps in formation of amniotic fluid, producing more blood, developing new tissues and eradicating toxins from the body.
  • Keep Proper hygiene : You can’t be ill during pregnancy because this will badly affect your child’s health. Simple steps like Washing hands regularly, Consuming hygienic food and using antiseptic washes and wipes for your home can help.

Importance of Normal Delivery

Normal delivery pain is a one moment abdominal cramp period which makes things easy for you in future. We will be discussing below the benefits of normal delivery for mother and the baby and most rational reasons to have a natural birth.

  • Baby receives immune enhancer bacteria : While the baby passes through the birth canal escaping through vaginal opening, A lot of useful microbial fluids enters their body which enhances their natural immunity.
  • Squeezing out of excessive lung fluid : A baby in the womb has lung fluid which is naturally removed due to hormonal changes while labor. This further gets squeezed out when the baby passes through the compact opening preventing the chances of transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN).
  • Early Breastfeeding is likely to be possible : WHO elaborates the importance of early breastfeeding for a long time efficient breastfeed. The numerous benefits of colostrum (First milk) and the significance of breastfeeding soon after delivery is a lot.
  • Saved from further pregnancy complications : Women who gave birth through cesarean had an increased rate of complications in subsequent pregnancies. Unlike cesarean, vaginal deliveries don’t exhibit any such complications.
  • Reduced risk of child’s Asthma and obesity : Studies show that normal delivery decreases the chances of illness like Asthma and obesity in the newborn.
  • Reduced chances of suffering from subsequent fertility issues : Studies suggest that cesarean delivery leads to sub-infertility in future. This can be avoided by going with normal vaginal delivery.

A healthy lifestyle and following pregnancy care tips surely increases the possibility of normal delivery. You will also get a number of normal delivery tips, following relevant ones will increase the possibility of normal delivery. There are certain minute disadvantages of normal delivery too but comparisons between Normal delivery or cesarean on which is better, Normal delivery takes an upper hand. Normal delivery process is a natural method of delivery and natural things are obviously safer and better in most aspects.

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